IT PC Technician- Pittsburg, Kansas


This position is a part of the Information Systems team. This position is responsible for desktop hardware configuration, installation, and upgrades. Responsible for standard desktop software installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting. Responsible for troubleshooting and maintenance of desktop hardware, including all accessories. Responsible for movement and tracking of desktop equipment.


  • Provides positive impression, through words and tone, to patients, visitors, and employees presenting to the clinic;
  • Performs diagnostics and repairs of desktop computer hardware including printers, scanners, and related equipment when performance is degraded or equipment has failed;
  • Has ability to diagnose and replace external and internal parts. Recommend what repair items to have in stock;
  • Performs installation of new or cascaded desktop computers and peripheral equipment, including monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, disk drives, and bar code readers;
  • Installs equipment as assigned by Director;
  • Capable of leading a project to install desktop computers for a department specific project;
  • Disconnects, moves, reconnects, and tests desktop computer equipment assigned to new locations;
  • Has an understanding of the overall architecture of the CHCSEK network system and contact network or server personnel when their expertise is required;
  • Receives all desktop related hardware and software from Receiving Dock. Ensure that all orders are received and labeled following standard procedures.


  • High school diploma or equivalent;
  • Any combination of education and work experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying;
  • Able to communicate with others to effectively convey information;
  • Social and cultural sensitivity appropriate to ethnically and economically diverse patient-and employee-base.