Chief Information Officer – Pittsburg, Kansas


This position is a part of the Leadership Team and key management staff. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) position is responsible for ensuring that information technology is properly planned for, implemented and effectively maintained to support and enhance business operations and protect patient information. This position establishes CHC/SEK's technology plan,
recommends key technology budget initiatives, provides oversight for the operation and maintenance of the technology infrastructure and applications, ensures proper technology standards are established and followed, establishes and monitors service level measuresĀ and targets for all technology-related support activities, provides project oversight for critical projects and maintains relationships with vendors.


  • Set objectives and strategies for the Information Technology (IT) and Electronic Health Information (EHR) departments, assessing the current and future information and
    technology needs of CHC/SEK.
  • Select and implement suitable technology to streamline all internal operations and help optimize strategic benefits.
  • Design and customize technological systems and platforms to improve customer (staff and patients) experience.
  • Plan the implementation of new systems and provide guidance to IT professional and other staff within the organization.
  • Responsible for oversight of education and/or training of end users for software and/or applications.
  • Assist with data extraction for meaningful use, UDS and other reporting requirements.
  • Approve purchases of technological equipment and software and establish partnerships with IT providers.
  • Oversee the technological infrastructure (networks and computer systems) in CHC/SEK to ensure optimal performance.
  • Direct and organize IT related projects.
  • Monitor changes or advances in technology.
  • Oversees the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) program.
  • Direct the financial activities of the IT department, including analyze the costs, value and risks of information technology to advise management and suggest actions.
  • Communicate strategic recommendations with regard to operations, implementation, and security issues to senior leadership.
  • Develop standards and processes for the protection of information systems against cyber-attacks.
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the IT department.
  • Evaluate vendors and negotiating vendor contracts and ensuring that service level agreements are being met.
  • Responsible for maintenance of IT related policies and security plans.
  • Responsible for oversight of IT staff, including, but not limited to hiring, discipline and evaluating performance.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelors degree in computer science.
  • Masters degree in computer science preferred.
  • Experience in an IT management role in a complex health system. Experience as CIO preferred.
  • Significant experience in and knowledge of all facets of IT, including systems applications, database administration, financial systems, networks, telecommunications, computer
    hardware and software, etc.
  • Deep experience in troubleshooting and crisis management.
  • Experience hiring, developing and coaching teams.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Experience in healthcare related field, preferred.